Running with Wolves and Dogs

by Sam Malone

Running is an effective and popular method for physical exercise. It provides the runner with an opportunity to exert his or her body and build up stamina by providing a continuous load. Running can also be used as an opportunity for social interaction between a pet owner and his or her pet. Most domestic pets enjoy physical exertion and tend to be fitter and healthier when they are properly exercised.

When you are running with your dog, you can also save some time that may be spent taking your dog out for exercise. Typically, larger dogs tend to enjoy running and physical exertion more than smaller dogs. Smaller dogs could also be exercised within the confines of the house itself. When running with your dog, it is important to take the precaution of having your dog on a loose leash attached securely to your hand. This is essential in case of any emergency which requires the dog or the owner to stop. Another important factor for running with your dog is the route used. The route that is chosen should be in a park or in an area where the likelihood of interacting with automobiles is minimal. Dogs tend to get exuberant when they are running with their masters. This can be useful as it makes the owner run a little harder or faster. It is, however, a matter of serious danger when it comes to crossing a road or running on a road. If it is essential that one runs on the road, one can do so with the dog on a tight leash instead of a loose leash and one may also need to slow the pace of running.

Some people may begin running with puppies. This is a good way of exercising the puppy and of introducing it to new environments. One should be aware that puppies have a lower level of stamina than fully developed dogs. Puppies also run slower than full sized dogs because of their smaller legs and body size. Thus, one might be restricted to running at slow speeds when running with a puppy. One may also find that the puppy is less enthusiastic about running and more enthusiastic about playing around and sniffing new things. Therefore, you may not be able to use the time spent running with your puppy for effective exercise for your own body. It does, however, continue to be a great way for owners and pets to bond with each other.

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