What is good to draw out the soreness from a cut?

The skin shields the body against germs and dust. When it is cut or bruised foreign particles, dust and germs enter our body through it. this may lead to an infection if not treated properly.

If the cut that is bleeding too much, then try to stop it by placing a clean cloth or cotton on it and applying pressure. Try and elevate the wound above heart level so the blood flow to that area slows down and the bleeding is reduced. The first thing to after this is to clean the wound under running tap water with soap and pat dry with a soft clean cloth. You can also clean the wound with an antiseptic solution. Make sure that the wound is cleansed properly as dirt remains could cause an infection and apply an antibacterial ointment. Deep cut might need a medical dressing, so go see a doctor. You would also need to get a tetanus injection within 72 hours of getting injured. Tetanus bacteria cause a stiff jaw and joints that might also lead to paralysis and death. Ideally a tetanus shot is taken every six months if you work or play in conditions where you get frequent bruises and cuts.

To get rid of the sores from cuts you may use the following:

  • Apply pure petroleum jelly on it until it heals fully. It will help to create a protective barrier on the wound and will avoid loss of moisture. Ensure that your cut is clean before every application.
  • You can also try applying tea tree oil lotion. Or 2 drops of pure tea tree oil mixed with a teaspoon of pure sweet almond oil. This can be applied directly on the cut. Tea tree oil has powerful antibacterial properties and gets absorbed in the deeper layers of the skin easily. Thus it helps in effectively killing the harmful bacteria and heals the wound faster.
  • Apply pure finely powdered turmeric root powder directly on the cut. It stops bleeding and avoids inflammation. Turmeric has natural antibacterial properties that kill the bacteria and quicken the healing process.
  • A cold tea bag placed on the cut will get rid of the sore and help heal faster.
  • Chamomile flowers help to reduce the swelling and prevent infection.
  • You may also try using calendula (marigold) gel as it heals effectively and prevents swelling and inflammation.
  • Pure aloe vera gel is very cooling and gives quick relief from sores. Keep it in the fridge before applying, as the cold gel will also sooth the skin.

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