Home remedies for itchy butt sores

Here are some of the most effective home remedies for sore and sore itching

  • Astragalus helps in promoting the immune functions.
  • You can try topical application of black walnut or goldenseal extract on the butt area.
  • Extract of olive oil also helps in reducing the number of sores.
  • Tea tree oil is one of the most effectual home remedy for sores. Dab tea tree oil gently on the sores and feel the pain going down.
  • Epsom salt bath can also prove to be beneficial in treating sores.
  • It also helps in relieving the feeling of itchiness.
  • Wear loose underwear. This can permit more flow of air, minimize discomfort and speed the healing process.
  • It's funny but yet you try blowing the sores with a hair dryer.
  • You can wrap ice in a cloth and apply on the affected area. This can help you soothe the area, lower the temperature of infection and inhibit the growth of virus.
  • Aloe Vera gel is one great remedy for reducing itchiness, redness and pain in the butt area.
  • Applying cold tea bags on the affected area can also be beneficial.
  • Mix domeboro powder with water to prepare an astringent. Soak a clean cloth in this mixture and apply it gently on the affected area. This will help the sore to dry and also stop itching.
  • Coating of baking soda on the infected sores can also help in drying sores and relieving itching.

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