My husband put a nail through his index finger with a nail gun. Went to ER, and Orthopedic. He is through with Antibiotics, but has soreness and some infection. What can he soak his finger in to help draw that infection out?

Although nail guns are very useful in a number of construction or maintenance projects, they can be very dangerous instruments to deal with. Being an instrument capable of causing harm it  is important that those operating the nail gun be aware of the safety measures as also the hazards it could cause. Besides people in close proximity should also have an understanding to avoid unnecessary contact while the work is being done. The nail gun is designed on the concept of using compressed air to launch a nail at speeds high enough to allow it to penetrate through concrete and steel in a single action – making it that much easier to cut through the flesh and bone of the human arm. A number of nail gun operators have carelessly missed their intended targets and hit the hand that is holding it instead. Sometimes, the copper wire that is usually used to hold the nails together may also find its way into the arm and is the leading cause of infection after the injury. Once the injury has been sustained, however, it will react as any other high intensity injury. The damage caused to the tissues and nerves in your hand may put you in a state of numbness for some time. This would clear off all sensation for a few moments before the pain starts to build up into something extremely excruciating.

You mentioned that the initial first aid was already performed as a result of your presence of mind to get your husband to the emergency room as soon as possible. The development of an infection is a direct complication that would need to be taken very seriously in an effort to avoid it from progressing to a more severe problem. Some of the more noticeable symptoms that a patient would experience when an infection has set into the wound include a fever, swelling or even rashes on the hand as well as severe pain whenever the slightest finger movement has been performed. If you notice the development of pus, the likelihood of substantial destruction to some of the vital tissues and development of permanent contractures increases substantially. When dealing with infection, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor and get a few effective medications prescribed to help deal with the infection as fast as possible as any delay in the healing process could have very serious outcomes.

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