I just got eczema in my hair and I have no clue what to do? My hair started breaking and becoming brittle and its a lot of flakes, is their any home medicine I could take until I go to the doctors?

Eczema is a condition in which the skin breaks out into a rash or wound spontaneously. This is a result of an allergic reaction in the skin and not because of an infection of any kind - though the presence of some skin bacteria and fungi can also result in eczema. If your hair is also being affected and falling out then there is a good chance that your eczema is actually connected to the presence of a scalp fungus. A doctor's visit would be imperative and he/she would also recommend some ketoconazole solution or shampoo to deal with the condition. In addition to this, you might also be prescribed some corticosteroid topical treatments to deal with the allergy.

Eczema and allergic reaction go hand in hand. allergies are caused due to an aggressive immune system response. To delve in a bit deeper, when some foreign substance comes into contact with the insides of our body through ingestion or laceration, the body will immediately deploy immune cells to take care of the invading particle or pathogen. This is absolutely normal but the level of immune system reaction is what is to be noted. In some people, this level of immune response can be over the top and something as innocuous as pollen will end up causing the cells of the body it comes in contact with to scream for help from the immune system with a cytokine release. Modulation of the immune system is naturally done in the body with corticosteroids and there are synthetic versions of these that are used to quell allergies. Hydrocortisone is just one of these corticosteroids.

To start you treatment, you can preempt some of your doctor's prescriptions by first getting some anti-dandruff shampoo that either contains selenium sulfide, ketoconazole, or zinc pyrithione. These are all cytotoxic to fungi and are a good way to destroy the scalp fungus. Instead of applying hydrocortisone to your hair, a good alternative would be to make some turmeric paste and just apply it all over your head. This is a natural anti-inflammatory medicine with comparatively lesser side-effects as compared to corticosteroids. You can also apply tea tree oil to your hair every now and then to kill the fungus but note that this can prolong the inflamed state of the skin. Drink lots of ginger tea as this is also a natural anti-inflammatory and is so effective that it can even be effective when dealing with arthritis.

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