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What is a Lie Bump? A lie bumps is a small inflammation of the tissues on the tongue. Lie bumps are usually very small, and you may not be able to see them or feel them. Getting rid of lie bumps is easy with the right kind of treatment as well as care. However, it is good to know what really causes these lie bumps to appear in the first place. Lie bumps in the mouth can be on the tongue or on the gums. It is believed that lie bumps on the gums may be due to a vitamin B deficiency. There are several bumps that may have been caused by indigestion as well. Most likely, lie bumps on side of the tongue appear due to digestive distress and other problems related to poor digestion. However, since there are no exact explanations of the causes of lie bumps, there are no recommended treatments for them as well.

How to Get Rid of Lie Bumps on Tongue? Since there are no recommended lie bumps treatment methods, home remedies are the most popular ways of getting rid of lie bumps. In fact, even if you were to visit a doctor, he/she would usually recommend home remedies since there are no medications that can cure them. If the lie bumps are inflamed and are causing pain, the best way to deal with them is through cold compresses. You can get an ice cube and apply it directly on the affected area. This helps soothe the bumps. This will also numb the area for a while and therefore, eliminate pain temporarily. As the sensation begins to come back, you can apply the ice again so that the affected area becomes numb once again.

Before you go to sleep, ensure that you gargle with a mixture of lukewarm water and salt. This reduces the pain and also prevents infection. If the lie bumps are inflamed, it is possible that they may get infected. Gargling with warm water and salt keeps the chance of such an infection low. Chewing fresh mint leaves is also a great lie bumps remedy. Chew a few mint leaves everyday before bedtime. Another great lie bumps remedy is to boil milk with a few figs in it. Drink this milk while it is still warm. This helps clean your stomach completely, curing any kind of indigestion or other digestion problems that may be causing the lie bumps in the first place. When the underlying cause is cured, your lie bumps will also disappear.

If you are wondering how to cure lie bumps, then you should know that there is no foolproof cure for lie bumps. The remedies on how to get rid of lie bumps may work on some people and may not work on the others. Eating properly, however, may help prevent indigestion and digestive distress, therefore preventing the formation of lie bumps. Also, enhance the quality of your diet to keep your digestion healthy. You can do this by eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Try and avoid refined foods, consuming whole grain foods instead. Further, since the deficiency of vitamin B has been associated with formation of lie bumps, the best home remedies for lie bumps are those that encourage the consumption of vitamin B. This increases the resistance to the formation of lie bumps in your mouth. Also try and avoid drinking any hot beverages when you are suffering from lie bumps and seeking measures on how to get rid of lie bumps on tongue because these can increase the inflammation of the bumps, leading to additional pain and discomfort.

For lie bumps on the tongue, one remedy is to drink lots of cold fluids. The temperature of the fluids helps to soothe the burning, itching and pain. On the other hand, drinking enough fluids also rids your body of any fluids that may have been causing the formation of these bumps on your tongue. Continue gargling with hot and salty water to make your tongue remains infection free. If you are experiencing digestive distress, it is possible that you may need to clear your stomach completely for the lie bumps to get better. Get some anise seeds and add a little sugar to it. Consume this mixture to clear out your digestive tract.

As mentioned earlier, one lie bumps remedy is to get regular dosages of vitamin B. A vitamin B supplement for an entire week usually holds good enough to help treat lie bumps on the tongue. Before you take the supplements though, get a doctor to have a look at your lie bumps. Also consult with the doctor and inform him/her about the intended use of home remedies or vitamin B supplements to treat the lie bumps. A change in diet can offer you miraculous results and may even help you on a long-term basis. If the change in diet brings about the spontaneous treatment of lie bumps, it means that poor digestion was causing the problem in the first place and that you can get it treated with supplements and a healthy diet rich in fiber. Also, drink lots of fluids to get rid of any toxins which may have been aggravating the situation as well.

If you have begun to experience the growth of similar bumps in other parts of your body as well, get yourself checked by a doctor.

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Lie bumps are generally so called due to an old myth that if you lie, you get them. This, however, has nothing to do with the truth. As a rule, telling a lie cannot give you any bump. However, small and sometimes rather large bumps on your tongue can appear periodically due to any reason. Realistically speaking, scientific research does not dig too deep into this particular phenomenon. So there is no proper scientific explanation as to why people get bumps on their tongue. This is the reason there is no proper way to cure them either. There is a multitude of ways in which they can be taken care of at home. One of the most effective ones is to gargle with hot and salty water. This will make sure they reduce quickly. It will also make sure that they do not hurt as much and stop spreading as well. It is often believed that bumps in the mouth are caused due to indigestion. If this is the case, you can try to chew on some fresh mint leaves before bed time. This should take care of the problem by morning. Alternately, you can also have a glass of warm milk to which a couple of figs have been added. This will clean your stomach out in the morning as well. An excellent digestive is also a mixture of anise seeds and sugar crystals. You can have this not only for its digestive properties, but also for pleasant breath.

Another popular belief is also that bumps in the mouth are caused due to a deficiency of vitamin B. If this is the case, you can take a dose of vitamin B for a whole week. Do remember to consult with your physician before you do this however. It is unwise to take any kind of supplement without medical approval. You must also make it a point to take the medicine for a whole week, even though the bumps will probably recede in a day or two. It is better to complete the dosage than to leave it half way. If you cannot take the medication, you can add vitamin B to your diet. However, do not expect miraculous results with a mere change in diet. This will help you out on a long term basis, but may do nothing for the time being. Some foods you can eat are whole grain products, leafy greens and meat.

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