What Causes Lie Bumps: Remedies For Lie Bumps On Tongue.

A lie bump is a red or white colored bump that occurs on the upper surface of the tongue. It gets its name from folklore which suggested that it affects people who tell lies. This is obviously not the case. A lie bump tends to occur either due to some irritation or injury that has occurred to the tissue of the tongue. There has been little scientific study on the subject, so the real causes behind this problem are relatively unknown. It is also suggested that lie bumps on the tongue may be caused by personal factors such as stress, smoking, or an upset stomach. Upset stomachs have been linked with similar problems such as mouth ulcers and it is not impossible for this to be associated with lie bumps as well.

Lie bumps are harmless and do carry and long term health risks. They do cause localized irritation and pain however and may make it difficult for people suffering from the condition to eat food that is spicy or hot. This makes the condition of lie bumps on tongue an irritating condition. Because of the lack of any significant scientific research on this subject, there is no accurate cure for the problem. Many specialists suggest that patients do things that will help reduce the discomfort felt due to this problem. Generic remedies include the application of a cold compress to the area to alleviate some of the pain. This could be done by either keeping a piece of ice on the area of the tongue or by applying the ice using a handkerchief or similar cloth. One should take care to use a cloth that does not leave behind strands of cloth fiber because this will irritate the patient.

Another remedy for lie bumps on the tongue is the use of anesthetic creams. There are some creams that are applied for aches and pains in the mouth. These creams are designed to be safe for use in the oral cavity. Normal anesthetic or pain relieving creams cannot be used for this purpose as they may be poisonous. There are some gels designed to provide relief for mouth ulcers. The same type of gel may be used for the tongue as well. The gels may have a slightly odd taste and can cause mild numbness in the area where they are applied. When a patient is suffering from lie bumps, it is advisable to avoid extremely hot food or extremely hot beverages.

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