Please let me know how to reduce weight at home?

Although there are several weight loss programs being advertised every where, nothing can work as well as your own determination to lose weight. Once you have decided to lose weight, you should draw up a schedule. Your schedule should contain a list of the food items that you can eat and those that you cannot. In addition, you should also pay attention to your exercise regime.

The first thing that you should do is to stop eating food that can only add calories to your diet. Eat food items like fruits and fresh, raw vegetables which will add a minimum of calorie count to your diet and yet provide you with essential nutrients. Green leafy vegetables are especially useful in filling your stomach at a very low calorie count. You can also eat sprouted lentils since these are extremely healthy. They are also versatile and can be eaten both raw, in the form of a salad and cooked, as a main dish. While eggs can be eaten, you will have to stop eating the yolks. If you cannot follow a predominantly vegetarian diet, you will have to ensure that you don't eat red meats since these contain a large amount of calories. Fish can be eaten since it is very healthy. You can make it healthier by choosing to bake it. Among the meats, choose the lean meats since these will add only a minimum of calories. Among the variety of fruits available, you should avoid eating muskmelons since these can help you gain weight. Mangoes too should be avoided since they contain a large percentage of sugar and will only increase you weight. Pure fruit juices are very good for you, as long as you haven't added sugar to them. Salted buttermilk, diluted with water can also be drunk through out the day. Keep your consumption of tea and coffee to a minimum. If you do have to drink these beverages, avoid adding sugar or cream to them. Instead you can drink herbal teas with a teaspoon of honey stirred into it.

Physical exercise is equally essential and the schedule for this should be adhered to strictly. Exercising at least twice a day will help you weight but if you are unable to do this, spare at least an hour each day to your exercise. While jogging and walking are outdoor exercises, you can also choose to work out in the comfort of a gym.

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