I understand that papaya can aid in weight lose.is that true.Can you give me advise on how to lose weight??????Are there any vitamins or minerals to take that will help..Thank you!!!!!

Weight loss treatment 

Weight loss always involves lifestyle and diet changes. Fad diets will help take the fat off in the short term and will put it right back the moment you back to your regular pattern. The formula for reducing weight is just simple math. Take in less calories than you spend on a daily basis. Another thing to do is to rule out hormonal disturbances such as thyroid issues or PCOD ( Polycystic Ovarian Disease) as the root cause of weight gain. An endocrinologist or gynaecologist can help you do this.

Reduce the portions of food you eat by around 25%. Avoid salty and fried snacks. Try not to snack between meals. If you must snack,  try fruit and fibre rich foods instead of packaged snacks. Eat lean meat and fish instead of red meats whenever possible and use a sugar substitute such as Splenda in your sweets instead of sugar. Do not use a sugar substitute that contains aspartame because long term use can be harmful to health.

Please look up diets that operate on the Low Glycemic index principle as these are typically healthy and very good for weight loss without compromising on health.

That said I am listing some herbal and natural supplements that do help to some degree with weight loss, but I cannot stress enough that just taking these supplements without making some major changes otherwise will only lead to disappointment. These supplements can augment weight loss, not cause it.

  • Chromium – Take in supplement form. Enhances effects of insulin and helps break down carbs.
  • Pyruvate – Found in red apples, wine and cheese.
  • Cascara – Natural laxative. Not for pregnant or nursing women
  • Glucomannan – Causes a feeling of fullness and reduces food intake
  • Guarana- A stimulant and diuretic. Not for high blood pressure patients
  • Papaya extract – Not proven, but anecdotal evidence says may be good for weight loss.

And nothing new here, but get lots of exercise. If you cannot exercise for 30 or 40 mintes at a stretch, try doing some sort of brisk exercise in 15 minute bursts 4 or 5 times a day.

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