What are the benefits of aloe vera juice. How to use aloe juice?

Aloe vera is a species of plant that is typically found in tropical countries. It is grown both as a decorative plant and as a medicinal plant. Aloe vera has been regarded as one of the most useful medicinal plants for decades and is an often used ingredient for juices, creams and various other health products. Its usefulness has led to it being christened the ‘Potted physician’. This term demonstrates the wide variety of uses that have been derived from Aloe Vera.

Aloe vera is used by processing the plant into cream or juice form. Aloe vera based creams are designed for applications on the skin whereas the juices are designed for digestive problems. Among the many uses, the use of aloe vera juice for constipation is well known everywhere. Apart from using aloe vera juice for Constipation and its related problems, the oral consumption of aloe vera has been noted to improve the condition of a patient suffering from diabetes, mouth ulcers, digestive system ulcers and ulcerative colitis. Medical studies have been conducted to check the effectiveness of aloe vera juice for patients with ulcerative colitis. Any patient wishing to use this natural remedy must consult with his or her doctor first before attempting to use it. The use of aloe vera juice for constipation can help relieve the symptoms naturally.

For creams and shampoos, there is contradicting evidence regarding the effectiveness of aloe vera. Aloe vera juice for hair is considered to be very effective at providing a healthy wash to the hair. However, there is some contradicting evidence that suggests that there is no noticeable improvement due to aloe vera. Usually aloe vera juice is mixed with other shampoo agents that may, themselves, improve the hair texture.

An aloe vera gel using aloe vera juice for acne may provide some relief to the patient. The juice tends to have a cooling effect on this skin and this would help with skin disorders. Aloe vera juice is used for burns, sunburn and radiation damage to the skin. This indicates that it is both nourishing and soothing to the skin which is why aloe vera juice for acne may provide some relief to a person suffering from this skin disorder.

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Aloe Vera is also more commonly called medicinal aloe. It is a desert plant that is native to Africa and has a succulent yellowish translucent substance in its fleshy leaves. There are various references to aloe in ancient cultures and traditions. It has been used both internally and externally for its medicinal properties since time immemorial. The Egyptians are said to have used aloe both as a beauty treatment and for embalming bodies. Today, people have found even more uses for this almost magical plant. You will be surprised to know the multitude of ways in which aloe vera is used today, from treating simple ailments like acne and indigestion to baldness and blood pressure. Also recent research has been very promising in the treatment of tuberculosis and manufacture of painkillers using Aloe Vera.

You can use aloe vera by using any products that contain aloe extracts, but the best way is to use fresh aloe gel or juice by topical application or by consuming it. In case you cannot get fresh aloe, you can buy aloe gel or juice, which is commercially available quite easily these days. Aloe Vera juice is obtained by mashing the succulent pulp in the aloe vera leaves. It can be used externally as an ointment, and helps in the healing of burns, boils and bruises. The astringent properties of Aloe Vera juice are also a sure-shot remedy for pimples and black heads. That is why aloe vera juice is finding increasing use in various cosmetic and beauty products. Aloe Vera juice can also be taken internally like any other fruit juice. It can be either diluted or consumed directly. It has been ascribed remarkable laxative and purgative properties when consumed in this way.

It also helps in treating the common cold and the cough. Aloe has also shown very good results in expelling worms from the stomach. Some independent studies have also suggested that regular consumption of aloe vera juice helps in preventing falling of hair and baldness, while some others attribute aphrodisiacal properties to it.

Aloe is usually safe, but care must be taken while consuming it as some people are allergic to it (a very small proportion of the population), and when consumed initially it may result in bouts of dysentery. In the event of any unwanted side-effects, you should see the doctor immediately. Also, Aloe Vera juice should be absolutely fresh when consumed, to avoid complications.

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