Tips to store aloe vera after cutting from plant

sealed in a zip lock in the refrigerater works to keep it for a fews days.

answered by l

Naturopathy, ayurveda are holistic branches of medicine. Every specie on this earth has equal right to live. Hence ayurveda describes prayers (mantras) to be recited in front of the herb before cutting leaves flowers branches etc.

So do not cut full leaf. Just an inch or two piece from one leaf and let rest of leaf be kept with plant. Next day, cut some more portion. This way you get living medicine everyday. Let plant be in your balcony or courtyard and receive sunlight. The healing vubration of aloe vera are from the sunlight it receives, plus those from its environment. Hence daily watering the plant a little (it requires very little water and in fact grows in arid areas too, rocky land too). The plat will remain happier if there are two pots, twins, side by side, one day cut from one plant, next day from twin.

By chance if you cut the whole leaf, store the leaf in a polythelene bag, and bag inside fridge. let bag have few holes for breathing.

answered by S B

When you cut a leaf from an Aloe Vera plant you keep it in the fridge and just cut what you need from the leaf as & when you need it.

answered by J R M

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