Remedies and Healthy Diet for Improving Kidney Function

A kidney transplant is surgical procedure through which a patient whose kidneys have completely failed receives a healthy kidney from a living or deceased kidney donor. The transplanted kidney then rakes on kidney takes on the workload of the two failed kidneys. The patient's original kidneys are left in their original place and the new kidney is placed in the abdomen. In order for the new kidney to function properly and maintain its required function there needs to be a constant monitoring of the body functions at regular periods. Therefore it is essential for you to also have medical supervision and treatment, therefore trying home remedy yourself is risky and you will necessarily have to consult your doctor before trying any of the following recommendations.

You will first need to maintain a proper diet plan that measures how your body reacts to the diet and changes in the future. There is no exact alternative remedy but certain nutrients will help strengthen the function of the new kidney. For this you might have consult a dietician to understand what foods contain these nutrients and how they should be consumed. During renal failure a lot of bone mass is lost and leads to a loss in phosphorus levels therefore eating food rich in phosphorus will help a great deal. Potassium levels also drop after a kidney transplant owing to the medication. Therefore eat foods that are rich in potassium. Cut don your intake of sodium or salt as it increases your chances of high blood pressure. As your body levels return to normal, your new kidney function will also improve. The important factor to remember is to consult your doctor before undertaking any kind of self medication, because it can interfere with the medication that you may be taking. Finally avoid drinking or smoking as it will eventually lead to further complications.

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