Is there any drugs acts a anti rejection in the case of kidney transplant cases?

After a kidney transplant, there is always a chance of the new kidney being rejected by the body. Rejection occurs when the "army" cells of your body attack the foreign organ. The chances of rejection are high in the first few weeks after the operation and thus, you have to keep going back to the hospital for regular check-ups in the initial days. On these visits a blood test is conducted to check your kidney functions, the blood count as well as the level of anti-rejection medication in your system. The frequency of your hospital visits reduce over time.

After your operation, your doctor will recommend several anti-rejection medicines, based on your case which will be available at the hospital pharmacy. Never take over-the-counter medicines without a prescription because they can interfere with your other medications and may even damage your new kidney. Many people complain of side-effects due to the anti-rejection medicines. Women often complain of increased growth of hair on the face, arms and legs as a side-effect of one of the drugs prescribed. Other side-effects include changes in the blood sugar, mood oscillations and puffiness of the face. These side effects decrease over time as your dosage is reduced once your kidney becomes stronger. If you have missed one dose, take it within six hours. If more than six hours have passed, simply take the next dose; never take a double dose if you have missed a dose. In case of vomiting after taking the medication, wait till your stomach settles and take the medication again. In case of excessive vomiting, consult your doctor for a change of medication. Remember that it is crucial not to stop taking your medication or change the dosage without consulting your doctor because this can adversely affect your kidney and even result in loss of functions.

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