Kidney Transplant

by Kevin Pederson

Only an individual who is affected by irreversible failure of the kidneys will be a candidate for a kidney transplant. Kidney transplantation is a very serious surgical procedure that requires a long prep time and recovery period. The most common reason for having a kidney transplant is because of renal fai8lure. The most common reasons that an individual’s kidneys may fail are due to diabetes, glomerulonephritis, and inflammation of the filtering cells, kidney disease, and infection of the kidney or high blood pressure.

A kidney transplant will be ruled out if an individual has had cancer within the last five years or if the individual has severe lung, liver or hearty problems or if the individual has an infection such as tuberculosis or an infection of the bones.

Once an individual has been approved for kidney transplant surgery the individual will have to wait until a donor kidney can be found. A donor kidney can come from a close friend or a family member.  If a donor can not be found then the individual will be placed on a waiting list for a donor kidney. Currently there are over forty-thousand people on the waiting list. This means that an individual may have to wait for several years.

During kidney transplant surgery the healthy kidney is first removed from the donor in an operating room. The donor will be put to sleep with an anesthesia. If the donor is dead then the kidney will be removed at the same time as other organs that may be used in different transplantations. This type of donor is known as an organ donor.

The recipient of kidney transplantation is then given anesthesia to comfortably put them asleep. An incision is made into the abdomen in which the healthy kidney is connected to the recipient’s bladder. Usually there is enough room that the recipient does not have to have their original kidneys removed.

A kidney transplant is very serious surgery. With any transplant surgery there is always the risk that the recipient’s body will reject the new organ and then the body will begin to attack the organ. If this occurs then the recipient has to try transplant surgery again with a new donor kidney. An individual who has kidney transplantation has a long recovery period. This type of surgery leaves a patient in a lot of pain and very sore. Many people who have had kidney transplant surgery are grateful for their new lease on life.

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