My wife is suffering from internal piles. She was diagnosed today. There is only bleeding and no pain. Please advice what treatment or home remedy she should follow?

Internal hemorrhoids, unlike external piles, start to develop inside the passage of the anus on top of the dentate line. These types of hemorrhoids are generally painless as the visceral nerves are above the dentate and only able to sense pressure and not pain. They do however cause some amount of discomfort and generally a low amount of bleeding if the stool is hard and it happens to rub against the piles during bowel movement. The hemorrhoids may sometimes appear outside the anus and they look like small masses generally the size of small grapes.

The symptoms of piles often include intense itching as the hemorrhoids tends to seep mucus and hence cause some amount of irritation. There is generally a certain amount of discomfort in terms of wanting pass a stool directly after having bowel movements and this happens because the hemorrhoid bulges at the end part of the large intestine. Sometimes if there is acute pain it may mean that the supply of blood to the hemorrhoid is being cut off and emergency treatment is needed.

The best way to reduce hemorrhoid symptoms is to try and keep the stools as soft as possible. This allows them to pass as easily as possible and avoids aggravating the hemorrhoid. Fiber has been known to be an effective remedy for piles. Therefore increasing your intake of fiber through your diet will help a lot. The fiber basically helps the bowel movement and reduces the level of constipation. Foods that contain a high level of fiber are generally whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also try fiber supplements which are available at your local drug store. Finally, remember to avoid sitting on the toilet for long periods of time.

There are also a number of over the counter medication that can help but they do not provide long term relief. Consult your doctor on further information about dietary control and how it will relate to the treatment your will be undergoing.

answered by M W

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