My son is very lazy and have black neck fat, always itching in there?

There is nothing much that you can do about your son being lazy. That is something that he will have to take care of on his own. If, however, there is any connection between your son becoming fat and his laziness, then it is an issue that you will need to tackle separately.

Right now, let's tackle the issue of his black back neck. The skin around our neck is made up of very fine folds that we cannot see. This makes it a perfect place for sweat and dust to accumulate. We also usually neglect washing our necks properly. And since, as you say, your son is lazy, chances are he must not be cleaning that area at all. Being fat, he must also be sweating a lot. Sweat contains uric acid and if left unattended, works on the skin by darkening it. Apart from that, if not washed properly, stale sweat can also cause rashes.

You can take care of both these problems by patiently and regularly applying these remedies on his darkened skin. First, let's take care of the rash. To heal and sanitize the rash, apply a thin paste of baking soda on the rashes. After that, apply a mixture of rose water and yogurt to his rashes. This will help to cool down his skin and take away any remaining itchiness. You can also apply a mixture sandalwood and rose water for the same results. Even plain milk cream that is chilled will help to heal the rash. Once the rashes are healed, you can start working on his darkened neck.

For this, the best and the easiest thing to do is to apply aloe vera gel on the affected area. This is something that you will be able to do everyday without any effort. For better results, apply it at before he goes to sleep. Alternatively, you can apply raw potato juice to his neck as it has natural bleaching agents. If you want to make the skin of his neck smooth along with lightening the color, try applying a cream made up of equal parts of almond paste, honey, milk powder, olive oil, and lemon juice on his neck. After applying it, see that he leaves it on for at least 30 minutes. Try and apply this paste on his neck at least once a week, if not more. Apart from all this, make sure that he washes his neck thoroughly everyday.

answered by G M

Laziness has no real cure except for self motivation! However, if your son's laziness has led to him becoming fat, then you must take some measures to resolve the problem. But let us tackle the problem of the dark neck before moving to the weight issue. The neck area typically becomes black due to several reasons. It is important for you to know that this is an area with many fine folds in the skin which can sometimes not even be seen by the naked eye. This makes it very difficult to clean this particular area. Also, we generally tend to neglect scrubbing the neck too much as well, and so we manage to leave behind deposits of dirt there. This then leads to the skin becoming darker on the neck. If the neck is thick also, then there is the problem of excessive sweating, which will work towards naturally darkening that part of the body.

If you sweat too much, uric acid in perspiration will gradually start darkening the skin in the area where it is most exposed to it. In all cases, the first thing your son needs to do is to apply sunscreen before going into the sun. If nothing else, this will stop further darkening of the skin quite quickly. You can also begin exfoliating the neck once a week to ensure that dead skin from the surface comes off easily and quickly. Use any exfoliating scrub that is available over the counter. Just remember to add a few drops of lime juice to it, as this will help to lighten the skin further. For the itching, your son needs to make sure that he is washing all body parts properly and well and also drying then thoroughly. Generally, a failure to do this will lead to excessive itching. Applying rose water to the areas that itch the most will provide relief.

answered by M W

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