I am suffering from dandruff for the past 9 years and the intensity is very much nowadays. I tried all kinds of anti dandruff shampoo but no remedy. Kindly suggest me some remedies

What is dandruff? Pityriasis simplex capillitii, simply known as dandruff, refers actually tothe shedding of cells that are dead of skin from the individual’s scalp. Dandruff can be a bother as it affects the overall appearance and health of your hair and is socially embarrassing. However, dandruff is universal, affecting almost everyone world over at some point in their lives. It is also very normal for the skin cells to completely die and therefore flake off, but in some persons, due to certain triggers, there is excess flaking, which also causes redness and itching. Dandruff is generally of two types, dry and oily. Oily dandruff forms a thick layer on the scalp, while dry dandruff, flakes off and falls on the eyebrows and shoulders. Dandruff can also occur with changes in weather, such as extreme cold or heat.

Why does it happen? Generally, skin cells mature and die in a month’s time, but with those suffering from dandruff, the turnover of dead cells is rapid, and it happens in about every two to seven days. The consequence of such a condition is that cells are shed in clumps mainly being large and oily appearing as white, grey patches on the scalp, skin, and clothes. The most important factors that contribute to dandruff are sebaceous secretions of an oily skin, metabolic by-products of microorganisms on the skin, and an individual’s health. The flakes can be thick or fine depending on the composition of the infection that is present, as dandruff is most often caused by yeast.

How to get rid of dandruff at home? The adamant dandruff flakes on the scalp need regular remedial processes to get rid of them. In fact, when it comes to getting rid of dandruff, perseverance is the key. There are many over the counter medications available to treat dandruff; however, dandruff treatment can also be done at home, using natural products. There are many different dandruff home remedies that you can try. The most common and effective dandruff home treatment lies in using lime. Lime is considered effective in clearing dandruff. It can be used separately or with other natural ingredients to get rid of dandruff.

Massage the scalp with generous amount of warm coconut, olive or castor oil and then apply lime juice mixed with garlic or onion juice on the scalp. Allow it to sit for an hour, and then wash it off with a good shampoo. The oil combined with other ingredients helps in clearing the dandruff. Do this twice or thrice for better results. You can also prepare herbal oil by using lemon peels, garlic flakes, cumin seeds, and peppercorns boiled in coconut oil. This is an effective dandruff home treatment. You can mix lemon juice with egg white and apply on the scalp to get rid of dandruff. Also, for dandruff relief, use lemon juice and aloe vera gel on the scalp. This causes the body to cool, relieving itching and healing the redness of skin.

Margosa leaves can be boiled in water, and the water can be applied to the scalp. This is another effective dandruff home remedy. Lime can also be mixed with this water. Margosa leaves can also be used along with curry leaves; boil the two in coconut oil and use it as a dandruff home treatment remedy. Fenugreek leaves and seeds are excellent dandruff home remedies. The juice fenugreek leaves blended with yogurt can be applied on the scalp to help get rid of dandruff. Fenugreek seeds can also be boiled in coconut oil, and the oil can be used for dandruff relief. Another method of using fenugreek seeds is to soak them overnight, grind them in the morning and mix with lime and yogurt. Massage the paste on the scalp before washing with herbal shampoo.

Vinegar may also be used to loosen the scaly flakes of dandruff. Apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water is an excellent for treating dandruff. In addition, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet that includes vegetables and fruits and exercising regularly can help alleviate dandruff.

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Dandruff Natural Cure

Many cosmetic shampoos that claim to clear dandruff contain unnecessary chemicals and perfumes. These chemicals only serve to irritate your scalp further and so aggravate the condition. I suggest that you use a medicated shampoo instead. Your best bet would be to use a shampoo that contains ketoconazole. Ketoconazole kills the pityrosporum ovale fungus which is the root cause of dandruff. Washing your hair daily can leave your scalp dry and flaky. Ketoconazole remains in the hair even after your rinse it out. This means that you will not have to wash your hair on a daily basis, thereby preserving your hair's natural oils.

After your dandruff has cleared try to use a nourishing hair masque made out of egg yolk and milk. This will help to nourish your scalp and smoothen your hair. You can soak your hair and scalp in beet root juice at least once a month. This will prevent or reduce the risk of dandruff recurring. Make sure that you oil your hair regularly. You can steam your hair after oiling it as this will help to increase the amount of oil absorbed by your hair. Make sure that you do not share your hair brushes and combs with anyone else and clean it at least twice a month.

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