I am a 23 years old and I am suffering from dandruff for past 4 years I used several shampoos to control it but no good result now I lose many hairs and my hair looking dry, brownish, and there is white hair also..........plz tell me good remedy for my pr

Your hair loss problem is obviously linked to your dandruff problem. After all, a healthy scalp means healthy hair. Unrefined, virgin coconut oil remains one of the most used and best products for overall scalp and hair treatment. The traditional way is to heat some coconut oil till warm and then massage gently into the base of the hair – on the scalp. Wash off the oil only after 4 hours at least.

You need to start using scalp & hair care products. Jojoba is a very good moisturizing agent and helps keep the scalp healthy. Lemon too can be applied directly to the scalp. This works wonders on a dry scalp and reduces the amount of dandruff too. Look for hair products that have patchouli and zinc pyrithione. Zinc Pyrithione is very effective as far as having anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties go. Patchouli works great against dandruff. Margosa Oil is also a powerful agent against any itchy scalp. The extract of the Margosa leaf is highly recommended when battling any skin disorder.

Go easy on the shampoo, do not wash your hair more than twice a week and be regular and patient with whatever therapy you pursue. Dandruff can be a tough problem to get rid off, so be alert and observe how your home remedy is actually affecting your condition. If you see no reduction in dandruff or itching in 2 weeks, switch to another option.

answered by G M

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