My hair is very dry, lifeless and frizzy. How do I make it soft and shiny?

Dry, dull hair is unfortunately a very common problem, although the solution is not really all that difficult. Good basic hair care is the most important part of handling this problem. It is extremely simple, but most people tend to overlook it. First of all, you need to find a shampoo that suits your hair - it should of course be a shampoo for dry hair, but you should also find a brand that suits you. Today there are also shampoos for a number of variations, such as "dry and damaged hair", and so on. Try one of these, if you think it matches the description of your hair. Note that the most popular, most reputable, most expensive brand may not necessarily be the right one for your hair. The same goes for conditioner, which is also advisable for dry hair. The third weapon in your fight against dry hair is oil, preferably coconut oil.

What you should do is oil your hair every alternate day (eventually you can find the most appropriate frequency for your hair) just before going to bed. Massage the oil into your scalp slowly and gently, and make sure that every hair is coated with oil. The next morning, wash your hair, once again very slowly gently, and then rinse out the shampoo, making sure to get all of it out. Next, apply the conditioner - this again should be done gently, and should focus on the hair and not the scalp, unlike applying oil. You can then continue bathing yourself, and finally wash out the conditioner thoroughly.

Let your hair dry naturally; if you want, you can gently use the towel to soak up the excess water, but do not rub your hair dry. Avoid combing your hair when it is wet, and avoid going out with wet or oily hair too. Occasionally, you can use a natural conditioner too - apply mayonnaise about an hour before bathing, or take a final rinse with flat beer.

answered by G M

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