Is enema safe during pregnancy?

It is extremely common for women to get constipated during pregnancy and as your pregnancy advances your condition might worsen. Before you try an enema, I would suggest that you try increasing the amount of fibre in your diet. Changing your diet is the only safe way to cure long standing constipation. Psyllium husk is probably the best natural laxative and I would definitely recommend it. Psyllium husk consists of one hundred percent insoluble fibre and therefore helps in the formation and easy passage of stools. It is probably safe and also quite effective. Try to include bran in your diet, either in the form of a tasty muffin or a thick porridge. You can also have a glass of warm water or milk when you wake up as this helps to induce bowel movement. Prune juice too is a healthy and tasty option. You can have a glass or two every day as a snack. If you suffer from constant hunger pangs, you can try to supplement your daily diet with healthy snacks consisting of fruits like apples that are high in insoluble fibre. Make sure that your diet includes plenty of raw vegetables as well as they are a good source of essential vitamins, minerals as well as fibre.

You can also try a mild laxative like Milk of Magnesia. There are also various mild medicated laxatives that cater specifically to pregnant women. You can ask you doctor for a prescription when you go in for your next check-up. Make sure that you consult your doctor before you use an enema as it can cause you to go into premature labour. If you have a medical history of premature labour or if your mother suffered from this problem, it would be advisable that you do not use an enema.

answered by M W

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