Running During Pregnancy

by Sharon Hopkins

Running during pregnancy has always been an issue of debate. Recent research suggests that running before, during and after pregnancy is a good thing but only after consulting your doctor on the nature of your pregnancy. Running is a good way to refresh both your body and your mind.Doctors believe that if you were into regular running before pregnancy then it would be good to continue but in case you have never run before and want to start when your get pregnant that is not the right time to start. As a seasoned runner your body will be used to the exercise and the workout schedule while running, but as a first timer who also happens to be pregnant it is not wise to start running all of a sudden. In such a condition sudden activity to the body could be a risky thing for you as well as your baby. Running adds pressure to the joints and in such cases running and being pregnant would be a painful combination for your joints. Thus for women who have never run before pregnancy it is best to try out some pre natal yoga instead. If you have been a regular runner and now are pregnant it is advisable to take things a little slowly just to be on the safe side. Running and pregnancy both have to be approached in a balanced way so that along with staying fit your baby will be safe too.

Running during early pregnancy or running during the first trimester could be very risky if you do not take proper precautions. Running tends to overheat your body, and the first trimester is when the main organs of the baby are forming. Beside if during this time the mother’s body temperature rises too much or too sharply, it could give rise to certain complications or even be fatal for the baby. Therefore it is best to cut down on your workout and not allow your body to overheat. Make sure you drink enough water and wear shoes that are comfortable and support your feet and ankles well. Moreover stick to the paved running tracks rather than uneven trails. Running and fertility or running and conception has also been a concern for most women.It is believe that running long distances can reduce ovulation; thus it is wiser to cut down on your running if you are trying to conceive. In all such circumstances it is best to consult your doctor and seek professional advice on the kind of pregnancy and the rate of running that is best for you.

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