Enema Remedies: Kindly Suggest Some Homemade Enema Solution.

If you are looking for a home made solution for enema, then the problem in all likelihood is that you feel the need for enema. To begin with, you should know that administration of enema is not a good thing to do to your system. It is very rarely recommended by any doctor either, if a doctor does indeed recommend enema, then she or he will also provide you with a medical form of enema to use. Generally, what the doctor recommends is the safest method you can use for enema. In order to flush out your system, there are several other things that can also be used. It is not necessary to use an invasive method such as an enema to flush out toxins from your body. You should also realize that using an enema can actually cause your body damage you don't even realize. This is because you would need something like a blunted injector to insert the enema successfully into your anal cavity. Sometimes, there are cases of people injuring their anal cavity to the point of making themselves bleed. This happens when you manage to insert an enema the wrong way, or with too much of force, or even push it in when your anal cavity is not relaxed and is therefore tight. These are problems that will need different solutions altogether. You are better off avoiding them.

If you really need to flush out your system, then you can follow a simple fast like procedure to do this. This will last for two whole days and will help to remove any toxins or anything else that is sitting inside your innards. The only thing is that this procedure is difficult to stick to because it involves a great degree of self control. But if you can pursue this successfully, then it will show positive results for you. Take a large cup of fresh, unflavored and unsweetened yogurt. Whip this till there are no lumps left at all. Add a gallon of water and a teaspoon of rock salt to this. Mix well and keep sipping this all day. You must make and drink at least two gallons of this buttermilk. Accompanied with this, you must also have at least 10 glasses of water. Continue this for two days, or till you see yourself emitting nearly white stools. Not only will you successfully cleanse out your system, you will also give it a proper rest.

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