Please tell me which is a good remedy for dandruff?

Like the rest of the body, the skin on the scalp also keeps renewing itself by shedding the uppermost layer. Though mostly unnoticeable, when the scalp becomes too dry or scaly, this shedding skin can be seen caught in the hair. This dry, dead skin that the scalp sheds, is known as dandruff.
If the dandruff is mild however, the actual cause of the shedding is not dryness, but an excess of oil in the skin. You may notice larger flakes falling from your scalp too. These are in fact caused by a condition known as seborrheic dermatitis. This is caused by a sudden increase in the number of microorganisms that reside on the scalp. This number is quite low for a healthy scalp.

Dandruff can happen to anyone, of any age, anywhere. Though it is common, it should not be left untreated as it can lower the quality of your hair. Essential fatty acids obtained from vegetable oils, pumpkin seeds and nuts, along with zinc help cure and prevent dandruff. A healthy skin would mean a healthy scalp and therefore no dandruff. Drink a lot of water to eliminate toxins from the body and keep the skin clean and healthy. Add lots of raw fruits and vegetables to your diet. Before combing, make sure that your comb is clean. Also brush your hair regularly and at least thrice a day. Regulate the amount of oil that you use in your hair. Dandruff could be caused due to either an oily or dry scalp. Once a week, wash your hair with a weak vinegar and water solution. You may also apply a weak solution of vinegar and water to your scalp before sleeping. Wash your hair in the morning. Repeat this every week for at least a month.

lemon juice is an excellent remedy for dandruff. Add the juice of one lemon to two spoons of vinegar. Massage your hair with this solution and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. If the smell of vinegar bothers you, boil some fresh thyme in two cups of water and apply this solution to your hair thoroughly. Keep this on your hair for about an hour before washing with a mild shampoo. You can also use almond oil to remove the dandruff from your hair. Simply massage your scalp with warm almond oil. Soak a towel in hot water, wring it completely, and wrap around your hair to give your hair some steam. When the towel gets cold, soak it again, wring it, and wrap it around your hair. Repeat this thrice and then leave it overnight. Next morning, wash your hair with cold water.

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Dandruff is a deterrent to healthy hair growth. Onset of dandruff can lead to hair loss, scaling of the scalp and white flakes on the hair. Dandruff may also appear as lumps or crusts on the scalp. Itching and redness of scalp are other fallouts of this unfavorable hair condition. Various reasons contribute to dandruff ranging from dietary habits, emotional well being, personal hygiene, exposure to environment and use of hair products that tend to damage the hair composition.

Treating the hair with shampoos is another way of exposing already damaged hair to harsh synthetic ingredients though temporary relief is assured. To affect a permanent cure it is important to understand the cause and work at eliminating such reasons to ensure a healthy hair condition. Maintaining a clean scalp is the only way to avoid accumulation of dead cells. Therefore, it is important to massage the scalp everyday with finger tips to aid blood circulation on the scalp, followed by a brushing routine to minimize and eliminate scaling on the scalp.

Simple home remedies can also benefit and nourish the hair. Fenugreek seed is one such remedy. Dissolve two table spoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and grind a fine paste which can be applied on the scalp, kept for an hour and followed by a gentle shampoo. Using the juice of a lemon as a last rinse can also prove beneficial in limiting the appearance of dandruff. Lemon juice helps add sheen to hair and makes hair less sticky thus preventing dandruff. Yoghurt or fresh curd can do amazing wonders for hair and in treating dandruff. Massaging fresh curd mixed with lemon juice onto the scalp for half an hour can benefit and nourish the hair. Rinsing hair with cider vinegar is also known to reduce the chances of dandruff. Applying rosemary oil is also known to nourish the hair and prevent the occurrence of dandruff. Applying a concoction of powdered green gram with curd is also beneficial in treating dandruff.

Dietary habits can lead to dandruff due to excess of refined and processed foods, meats, condiments and stimulants that fill the stomach without adding any nutritive value. Focus on eating right can help resolve dandruff. Dietary intake must include fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted seeds, nuts, whole grain cereals such as brown rice and millet. Emphasis on raw foods as compared to cooked foods can prove amazing benefits to your skin and hair condition apart from aiding digestion

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Dissolve 2 aspirins in any anti-dandruff shampoo, lightly massage into scalp and wash your hair. This really works I have tried it myself

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