Is coffee good as hair dye?

Successful dyeing of hair depends upon the natural color of your hair. If your hair is dark, it is hardly likely that any kind of hair dye will stick to it for long. In order to take care of the problem, you would have to first lighten the natural dark color of your hair and then apply another color to it. If your hair is light or white, it will be relatively easier to stain with a darker color.

There are various natural dyes available that you can use to effectively color your hair. Some are long term in nature and some will be short term. So once again, you can decide which dye you want to use depending upon the duration you want your hair to remain colored. Coffee will dye your hair naturally, but this coloring will only last till the next time you wash your hair. Coffee is soluble in water and will therefore come off easily when you wash your hair. A better alternative to use for the same color effect would be black henna. This is quite easily available in oriental stores and will also remain in your hair for a good two months at least. You can also use red henna, but this will dye your hair orange-ish red, and not dark black or brown.

answered by G R

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