What can I do to get rid of a gland stone?

Gland stones are small stones that are found in the salivary gland and can happen to people pf all ages. The exact reason why the stone is formed is not known and the stone is also known as a 'Sialolith'. They are generally comprised of calcium and are not directly linked to an abnormal blood calcium level or any other problem of calcium on the body. The stones are generally about less than one mm to about a few centimeters in diameter. These stones generally form in the submandibular glands and the assumption is that the production of slightly thicker saliva that is carried out in these glands is the reason why these stones are formed there.

Normally a very small gland stone will come out by itself. However the larger ones require medical treatment in order to reduce the symptoms. The first method is gentle probing into the salivary glands with the use of a thin blunt instrument that sometimes help free the stone and it ends up falling into your mouth. The next method is similar to probing but is known as therapeutic sialendescopy. The procedure uses a very slim endoscope (a tube) that holds a minuscule camera with a light on the tip. The endoscope is then inserted and if a stone is found then the doctor removes it with the help of a pair of tweezers that are connected to the tube as well. The doctor will administer an anesthetic to avoid the pain caused; when inserting the tube into the duct.

answered by M W

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