January 29, 2010

Natural Ways To Delay Your Menstrual Cycle

Posted in Category : Women's Health

This would be possibly one of the most frequently sought after remedies in the world, coming right at the heels of ‘how can I lose weight’? Sadly, though there are miles of research done on the subject, there is very little conclusive data that can positively suggest using a method to delay the monthly cycle in a healthy, ovulating woman. It becomes easier to control this if a person is on the contraceptive pill. But this too would completely depend upon which pill is being taken. For women who have a cycle that works on a regular schedule without help, simply starting the pill can be an extremely useful way of getting some element of control over the cycle. For instance, delaying a cycle may be accomplished if the pill that is being taken regularly is changed or discontinued. It is absolutely essential for any and all users of this information to know that these things may not be done without medical help. It is possible that they may cause other unwanted results such as undesired pregnancy. Apart from working with the pill, there are no medical ways to change the time duration of the menstrual cycle. There may be other physical methods such as a menstrual extraction which would help with this too.

Menstrual Extraction

Menstrual extraction is an age old remedy which can only be preformed by licensed midwives who have been taught to do this. It is a method that employs the simple act of suction which will help with reducing the menstrual cycle down to a day or two. This will simply remove all contents from the uterus as it stands. And since there is no active or fresh bleeding happening most of the time when the period is on, this will effectively end the period. It is important top understand that this method may not be tried at home, or self administered. Not only is mandatory medical supervision and aid required, it has to be done under controlled conditions as well. Trying this yourself would be like trying to operate without a medical license – dangerous and unsafe. Calling the hospital can reveal whether there are midwives available close by. Another side effect of delaying or quickening the menstrual cycle to appear would be unusual and unexpected ovulation. It becomes extremely necessary for a woman who is trying to do these things to concentrate on her ovulation cycles so as to prevent any surprises.