Swelling spot on the leg painful to the touch?

Swelling and pain on a certain area of the leg can be caused due to a variety of reasons. You might have banged that area against a hard object, over strain of that leg muscle could be the reason or it may be an indicator of a much larger underlying ailment. The reasons are innumerable and hard to pinpoint exactly, until the area is physically examined. Therefore the best help you can receive is by showing it to a doctor; in order to find the exact cause of the pain and hence the best possible treatment.

Although you can use a variety of over the counter pain killers or medication, the best way to treat at the present is to improve the blood circulation in that area. You can do this by massaging your leg as it helps stretch the tissue and increase circulation. Take a comfortable seat and place your legs in a comfortable position. Take some oil in your finger and gently start the rub the oil into your foot with and up and down action. Do this for about ten minutes to bring some relief. Some times swelling of the foot is also caused due to the use of bad foot wear or faulty sleeping positions.

answered by G R

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