Is it normal to have severe muscle cramps in my thigh after a broken leg surgery?

Muscular cramps are involuntary contractions, which are seen commonly in the night or after exercise. Tightening and shortening of the muscles are seen in case of muscle spasms. Also referred to as Charley horse, malfunctioning of nerves is one of the causative factors. Dehydration, over usage of muscle, deficiency of minerals and improper blood circulation are other causes. A gentle massage to the muscles might help. Severe muscle spasm in individuals suffering from osteoporosis, results in a fracture. Fluid and electrolyte loss is yet another cause. Over exertion resulting in complete lack of oxygen supply, thereby leading to increased synthesis of lactic acid, results in a muscular spasm. Stretching regularly post exercise is essential. Avoid fatigue of the muscle by exercising frequently. Stretching the quadriceps, calf muscle and hamstring muscles are helpful. Place the joint in a stretched position. The cause of the cramp has to be identified and removed. Poor flexibility and muscle fatigue in the postoperative stage might be a contributing factor for your muscle cramps. Inactivity or lack of movement of the leg muscle also contributes. Refer an orthopaedician for further guidance.

answered by Dr C

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