Remedies for heat rash between legs

Heat rashes are caused by the heat. Other reasons for the appearance of heat rashes can be tight clothing, sweating profusely, even some kind of an allergic reaction. You should ensure that your rash is only a heat rash before you begin treating it. Since it is located between your legs, this could also be as a result of your skin chafing against some tight clothing or else against the other thigh. If you are overweight then this is a possible reason for the rash. You should certainly lose weight then. You should visit your doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

You should dress in loose clothes. Wearing clothes made of natural fibers is a good idea and will certainly keep you more comfortable than wearing clothes made of synthetic fibers. You can bathe the affected area using cold water. Wrapping a few ice cubes in a paper towel or a thin cloth and using this on the heat rash can also give you relief. You should avoid using harsh soaps and cosmetics on the rash since this will only aggravate it. Increasing your intake of water and juices is another easy way to beat the heat rash. Yogurt, buttermilk, and other fruit juices, along with fresh fruits, should form an important part of your diet.

answered by M W

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