Vinegar for scalp fungus in children

The hair fungus that your son has is also known as Tinea capitis and is a form of scalp wring worm. This kind of wring worm is mostly found in children. The ringworm causes the appearance of swollen blisters that are scaly and look like black dots. In severe case the rash may become inflamed and pus filled. Apart from the appearance of flaky round bald patches, the ringworm can cause permanent hair loss and also scarring. The fungus is contagious and spread through direct contact. Sometimes however it may spread indirectly through the bacteria left behind on towels, hairbrushes or other objects if personal use.

The first step towards healing is to void the occurrence of damp, dirty ,humid and crowded living conditions as it increase the risk of increasing the intensity if the fungi and the spread of it as well. There are herbs like tea tree oil, lavender and thuja that can be used to treat the infection. The vinegar remedy is possibly effective; however the treatment has to be used on the long run in order to be effective. The acidity of the vinegar helps soothe the itching and restores the ph balance which is necessary to fight the fungi responsible for the infection. It is important that you also consult a doctor on what is the best treatment as the wrong treatment could make the symptoms worse.

answered by G M

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