Do toenails ever grow back once they have completely fallen off, due to an injury & subsequent nail fungus?

Infections of toenails are a fairly common occurrence. Since we wear shoes most of the time when we are at work, our feet rarely get the opportunity to breathe. Socks make the situation worse. And if you happen to wear shoes that are tight for you then your toes probably go through agony. Tight shoes cause the toes to be jammed tight in the confines of the footwear you are wearing. If your toenails are slightly long, they are probably bent by coming into constant contact with the sides of your shoes.

Wearing shoes and socks during the summer months causes your feet to sweat. With very little room in tight shoes, there is no scope for any kind of ventilation or for giving your feet the chance to breathe. This creates the perfect breeding place for infections. The space between your toes is affected. So is the area under your toe nails. Fungal infection can cause flaky skin, itching and even cause the toe nail to thicken and become yellowish in color. If fungal infection is not attended to, it can spread. You have probably lost your toe nail because of an infection caused by these unhygienic conditions. Yes, toe nails do generally grow back. But, and this is important, the rate of growth depends entirely on the individual. While some people notice that they grow back their lost nails in five to six months, others have to wait patiently for over a year before they get their nail back.

answered by M W

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