What is the name of a mint leaf that freshens breath?

The leaves that you are referring to are simply mint. Pepper mint or spearmint basically is forms of mint. The plant has leaves that have a fresh, warm and sweet flavor. The main advantage is that the leaves are aromatic and have a pleasant and cooling after taste. The mint leaf is used in all kind of preparation like teas, ice creams, syrups, jellies and beverages. It also used in Middle Eastern and European cultures on dishes like lamb etc. Mint has been in use as a medicinal herb to treat a variety of ailments like chest pain and stomach aches. To cure a stomach ache put some mint leaves (dried) into boiling water and drink it when it's cool. In the middle ages, powdered mint leaves were used as a remedy for whitening teeth and also to aid digestion.

The mint leaves can be gotten either directly from the plant or is available in stores in the processed form. There are different varieties like peppermint t and spear mint. The mint also has antiseptic properties and serves as a stimulant. This can help relive nausea, a sore throat and basically to serve it most popular purpose of freshening breath. The leaf is also known to be high in vitamin c. mint has a strong flavor and can be used to flavor herbal teas. All you have to do is add a fresh sprig to the tea when it is served.

answered by G M

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