How to fix a broken tooth, any suggestions

You have not mentioned how your tooth is cracked. People usually crack their teeth when they fall down and hurt themselves. I am sure a good dentist will help you by fixing the broken tooth.

You can ensure that you look good by taking good care of your teeth. Washing your mouth frequently is the easiest thing you can do, in order to look after your teeth. You can also massage your gums at bedtime. This will keep the gums healthy and prevent any infections. Gargling with salt water helps prevent any kind of infection in the mouth.

Avoid eating very sweet and sugary food items especially at night. Instead you can opt for healthier options like milk, yogurt. Fresh vegetables and fruits are the best things for healthy teeth. You should ensure that you daily diet consists of raw vegetables and snack on fruits of your choice. Avoid eating food that is too hot or too cold. Both these extremes can cause your teeth acute harm. Sometimes people drink something hot and then, almost immediately take a swig of something cold. This should be avoided. Smoking can also cause a lot of problems to your teeth. Eat food that is moderately hot and moderately cold.

answered by G M

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