Bone spur cures

Osteophytes or bone spurs as they are commonly known are bony projections that develop along joints. Bone spurs develop due to the increase in the surface area of a damaged joint. The condition is most commonly found in patients before the onset of arthritis. While they form naturally on the back of the spine as part of the aging process and the corresponding degeneration, it is not uncommon for bone spurs to develop on the feet or heel and even on the hands. Bone spurs could also be caused due to a disease like osteomyelitis, and often afflicts diabetic patients.

Silicone gel is one method commonly used to treat the problem. It is readily available in most pharmacies in both the gel and sheet form. It is better obtain a prescription for silicon gel as many pharmacies do not sell it over the counter. If you are unable to obtain the gel from your local pharmacy, visit a nearby hospital, as all hospital pharmacies keep both forms of silicon. You can also revert to your doctor for information on local pharmacies supplying silicon gel. Along with your prescribed treatment, you can also use linseed oil to facilitate the healing process. An ice pack is often found to provide instant relief and decrease swelling.

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Silicone gel is available to most pharmacies quite easily. It is available in gel or sheet form, so you can easily decide which kind you would need to use. If you are having a problem finding it in your area, please ask your doctor for a prescription for the same. It is also possible that the doctor may know where you can find silicone in your locality. If not, you can also approach a hospital and try to get it from there. Hospital pharmacies would generally keep a stock. There are also some easy options wherein you can order silicone online. You can try those as well.

It is also important for you to know that silicone gel is not the only remedial measure available to treat a heel bone spur. This problem is quite common and rampant, and has many other options available to treat it at home as well. You can apply an ice pack to your heel and ankle for relief from the pain and swelling. You can also apply linseed oil, which is considered exceptionally helpful in dealing with this particular problem. Applying a paste of turmeric powder and clarified butter is also a good remedy to help with healing.

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