I Have A Bone Spur In My Foot. Can You Suggest Some Remedies?

The medical term for bone spur is Osteophytes. When the normal bone branches out into a new bone it is known as bone spur. This extra growth by itself is not painful but when it rubs against the surrounding tissue and muscle during body movement it causes pain. Bone spur generally occurs in people over the age of sixty as the bone and body degenerates slowly with age. A person who suffers from osteoarthritis is more prone to it. This is because the body of such a person breaks down cartilage in the bone joints to cover up the loss created by osteoarthritis. In the elderly the body starts creating extra bone along the existing one to provide balance and stability to the existing degenerating bone.

At times overweight and obesity also causes bone spur as extra body weight all comes down on the feet, putting too much pressure on them and causing the heels to branch out into bone to support the extra weight. An imbalance of calcium in the body could also lead to bone spur as the bone calcification alters. Besides the feet bone spur may occur in the shoulders, along the spine, hips and knees and can cause swelling and severe pain in and around the affected area. Too much pressure of the bone spur on the surrounding tissues and nerves may block and or damage them and this might cause further complications.

To relieve the pain and swelling use an ice pack. Ice helps to reduce the inflammation by reducing the swelling around the bone spur. Place the ice pack on the affected area 4 to 5 times a day. A heating pad may be used in cases where the swelling and pain is severe.

Flaxseed oil also called linseed oil is excellent for treating bone spur. Warm this oil and apply it gently. Soak cheesecloth in the warm oil and wrap it around the affected area. Wrap this with a plastic sheet to retain the heat and increase the absorption of oil into the skin. You may also use a heating pad to for better absorption of the flaxseed oil which along with the heat will reduce the swelling and inflammation.

The yellow pigment of turmeric root called curcumin is a well known as an effective home remedy for treatment of bone spurs. Have 1000mg of curcumin on an empty stomach three times a day. Do this daily for about 2 months.

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