Light Therapy

by Rachel Bhan

Light is important for all that lives on this planet. Imagine a day without light, it would become so depressing, scientists have connected mood swings experienced by people to light. If the day is bright no wonder your mood will be a happy one and a sad one on an overcast day.

Similarly light is seen as an important factor in treating several diseases. Typically just the way you require sunlight to tan your skin, skin tanning is also done with artificial light. This light is given off by Led light therapy, helps in tanning skin, as well as other skin related disorders like the acne vulgaris, psoriasis and eczema, wound healing etc. The light treatment is done in a doctors office as well as other places like the tanning spas, etc.

There is another type of light treatment called the laser light treatment, which is used to treat skin irregularities and burning them. Beauty conscious people have used the laser therapy to remove excess hair on their body and face. Cold laser therapy is another type of therapy used in light therapy used for equal medicinal purposes.

All light therapies are useful no doubt, but some of these are highly useful for patients suffering from illnesses. New born babies, who have physiological jaundice are often exposed to blue light treatment to reduce the bilirubin count in their blood. All the impurities are able to convert into fluids and escapes through urine during the therapy.

Another type of light therapy used medically is the light therapy to increase Vitamin D. Light is the only source of getting vitamin D for our bodies, therefore, vitamin D is utmost necessary when it comes to building a healthy immune system. Light therapy can increase vitamin D in body and make you more immune to common diseases.

Light therapy is also used for those patients who suffer from sleep disorders, light therapy helps set their body clock right so that they can sleep when the sun goes down and rise when the sun rises, as has been common practice among human beings for centuries. Light therapy involves exposing the patient to different light, as the disease might demand.

Though it sounds simple enough, light therapy too, has its side effects. These side effects are in the form of exhaustion, headaches, nausea, etc., which go away no sooner the light therapy finishes. However, if you required to get cured you will also have to bear side effects of light therapy.

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