Advice On Menstrual Period: How To Prepone Menstrual Period For 5 Days

Prepone Menstrual Periods

Preponing periods are only possible in case of any natural disorder or due to excessive stress. If you are keen on preponing periods than eating papaya can be helpful. It is believed that eating lots of papaya can also help you get your periods early than the actual expected date. Anything that is warm to your body can help prepone periods. Carom seeds (also known as carom, ajowan, or bishop's weed) or fenugreek seeds (fenugreek seeds) can also help in preponing periods.

I am not sure but some do say that applying henna or washing your hair few days before the expected periods, can also pre-pone your menstrual cycle.

You can even go for some renowned over the counter pills that are used for delaying the menstrual cycle so that you don't get periods when you don't want them. There are no specific pills that can help you prepone your menstrual cycle or periods. In any means, these pills are always harmful because you are altering the normal menstrual cycle which further hampers the activity of hormonal secretion.

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