Home remedies for Piles during Pregnancy: pregnancy with piles

Naturally Treat Piles during Pregnancy

Piles are a common occurrence amongst many women during pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes and imbalances the entire process seems to get affected. However care must be taken to see what kind of foods you consume to ease off piles as that can have an adverse effect on the term that you are in. One effective way and a safe method would be to apply a good layer of coconut oil to the affected part wherein you feel the pain in passing motions. Use cold pressed organic coconut oil before you attempt to go to the toilet. This will help to lubricate the rectum and the passage and also give you relief from the pain.

You can also have figs in either form. Fresh figs eaten during the day provide nourishment and are a known method in easing stools. While dried figs need to be soaked overnight, these are also effective in their method. However dried figs need to be thoroughly cleansed with hot water to clean it off its impurities. Soak in a handful of these clean dried figs in warm water for a period of 12 hours and consume them in the morning as well as in the evenings. It will greatly benefit you from the painful experience.

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