Garlic For Treating Pin Worms: It Is Said That Garlic Is Used As A Remedy To Fight Off Pinworms.. Where Do You Put The Garlic?

Pin worms treatment

Garlic is a highly effective remedy in helping to get rid of pinworms. There are two or three ways in which it can be used to cure the problem. Freshly crushed garlic cloves can be applied to the anus directly. This will travel inwards part way and help in killing off the worms locally. You can follow this routine up to three times a day. If you are not comfortable with applying crushed garlic, you can also use pressed garlic juice. Try to insert some into your anus as well. This can be done with the assistance of a cotton ball. If application of garlic is not a remedy you can employ, then you must make it a point to eat garlic with every meal, since it will work from within the body and help fight off worms.

It is especially effective to have two cloves of raw garlic every morning and night with warm water. If you can have them crushed, it works better. Since pinworms are highly contagious, it is advisable for all members of the family to follow these routines for at least a week. Apart from the remedies using garlic, there are some basic things you can remember. Try not to scratch the anal area. Bathe with Epsom salts and hot water once a week. Have a glass of hot milk with a teaspoon of turmeric powder before bedtime.

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