What to do for mild fever that's on and off?

Fever that lasts for over week requires medical attention, even if it is infrequent in its appearance. In all cases of fever, you must drink substantial quantities of water to replace lost body fluids. In terms of food, spicy and rich food is to be avoided at all times. It is easier on your system to go light with easily digestible food, and more of fresh fruits and juices. A paste made of holy basil and clarified butter can be made and stored. This must be consumed thrice a day, one teaspoon at a time, and it will help fight the fever.

If you are taking a tablet that is making your tongue appear yellow, you must switch to swallowing it with water. If your tongue remains yellow despite that, it may mean that you are of a bilious nature, which means there is excess bile present in your body. Eating fiber-rich foods can help take care of this problem.

If you are constantly dizzy, remember that this is an indicator of something else. It could mean an ear infection. It must be looked into by a relevant medical professional as soon as possible.

Frequent urination is usually a sign of urinary tract infection, and it could also be an early indicator of diabetes. It can be treated with cranberry juice and plenty of water. However, if the condition persists for more than week, you need to see a health professional.

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