I am having mild fever from last 20 days. get all blood count (normal), no typhoid, no malaria, negative urine color, Lever is ok (boundryline). I had sore throat and muscular pain in cold. No other symptom.

A sore throat would account for the mild fever and the muscular pain that you are experiencing. A sore throat is vulnerable to throat infections and as your body fights off the invasive bacteria or virus, you would experience a slight increase in your body temperature. Most of the body’s energy stores get diverted to fight off the infection and so people with a sore throat often complain of muscle aches and pains. However, it is very uncommon for a sore throat to last for 20 days as yours has. It would be advisable to visit your doctor for a complete check up as it is possible that your sore throat may be a severe throat infection.

Since you have gone in for several test and all of them have failed to show up any underlying cause for your condition, it would be wise to deal with the sore throat right away as this is the most probable cause. It is unwise to allow any medical condition to persist for a prolonged period as it weakens the immune system and leaves you vulnerable to other infections. There are several home remedies for a sore throat that you can use to get rid of your problem.   

Ginger and garlic are very effective in treating a sore throat. Ginger and garlic contain anti-vi9ral and anti-bacterial properties and they also help to bolster the immune system. Eat one or two pods of raw garlic in the morning as soon as you wake up. Garlic has a very strong taste and if you are unable to eat it plain you can make a garlic tonic for yourself instead. Chop two cloves of garlic and immerse the pieces in a glass of very warm water. Allow it to soak for a few minutes, then stir the pieces around and then drink the water. You can then eat the pieces of garlic as their taste will not be as strong. You can also include garlic in your meals while you are cooking them. Follow a healthy diet that contains plenty of chicken soups and vegetable broths as this will help to provide your body with the energy it needs to fight of the infection. The hot liquids will also help to soothe your throat and decrease irritation. You can also make a soothing ginger tea in the same way as you made the garlic tonic and drink this throughout your day.
If your throat does not get better within a week, visit your doctor. Make sure that you take all your test results with you as this will help to get an accurate diagnosis.

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