I'm 32weeks pregnant and in these last 2 months i've been having allergies and itchiness. Is there any thing i can take?

Allergies of the kind you describe are fairly common during the last trimester of pregnancy. Unfortunately, no medication of any kind is recommended. You can make a solution of one part rose water, quarter part khus khus seeds and two parts yogurt and apply it all over your body for relief from the intense itchiness. This may help soothe your body for up to 4 hours. You can also apply chilled unsalted butter to the particularly itchy parts of your body.

You can also use a wad of cotton wool dipped in calamine lotion, which is available locally in most stores, and rub it all over your body. Make sure that you test the calamine lotion at room temperature before you chill it, since this particular product has an extremely cooling effect on the skin. If applied chilled, it could also cause you to catch a cold. You can also moisturize your skin liberally with chilled milk cream. Sometimes, the problem is merely caused by due to the growth and expansion of skin and the subsequent dryness. Another way to moisturize is to use one mashed avocado and apply it all over the skin. You can wash this off after about 20 minutes. However, this method will have to be used for at least a week before it shows results.

answered by G M

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