The eye doctor says, I have tear duct blockage and need a surgery to open it. One of my eyes is watering and I have to wipe it up with napkins all day. Is there any natural solution to open up tear duct?

Blocked tear duct or Blocked nasolacrimal duct, is a condition of the eye where the tear duct is blocked. The block is sometimes partial, sometime complete. The blocked duct results in the tears overflowing on the cheeks instead of flowing into the nose as they are supposed to. That is probably why you find that one of your eyes has tears coming out of it continually.

However, you should be aware that if the tear duct blockage continues for a prolonged period of time, it could possibly lead to an infection of the eye. Continual overflow of tears on to the cheeks is indicative of several other, more serious conditions and that is why it is advisable to follow instructions that your doctor gives you. Sometimes the doctors suggest massaging the tear ducts, located at the corners of your eyes, to help you. You can try treating them with some water to see if your blocked eye will be opened. Lie down on a flat surface. Heat some water. Now dip a soft towel or handkerchief in the water, squeeze out the excess water and then apply on the eye which has a blocked tear duct. You can do this at least twice or thrice a day. Pour warm water over a tea bag. You can use chamomile tea bag. After five minutes remove the tea bag and place over your affected eye.

answered by G M

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