How Do I Get Rid Of A Blocked Tear Duct?

Tears are produced in the lacrimal glands located just under the eyebrow bone and go into the eye through ducts located along the eyelid. When these ducts get blocked symptoms might range from yellowish discharge in the eyes to tears pooling in the corners of the eyes. If not diagnosed and treated they can cause some, occasionally severe, discomfort.

The easiest and most helpful remedy for blocked tear ducts is to stimulate them with warm and moist fomentations. Take a basin of warm-to-hot water, add a little boric acid powder to it and then soak a clean cotton washcloth or towel in it and lay it on the affected eye. Do this for at least five minutes and at least twice to three times a day. With your finger lightly massage the eyelids: do not rub, massage in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions both. This can be done up to four times a day as well.

Avoid eye irritants and excessive rubbing of eyes, as also sharing your handkerchiefs with others. If eyes feel sore and irritated, splash cold water into them as often as necessary. It also helps to do some inhalations and even, if available, to use a humidifier, as increasing the moisture in the air around you will provide some relief to irritated and sore eyes.

answered by M W

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