Natural remedy for blocked tear duct in 6 month baby since birth?

My doctor said to use a warm baby cloth and tear free shampoo to gently massage the tear ducts. It works for babies and for anyone with irritated or blocked tear ducts.  

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Babies are commonly born with blocked tear ducts. The first thing you should know is that there is nothing to be overly concerned about this problem. For most part, it takes care of itself within the first year of the baby's life. Usually, there is nothing that doctors recommend you do about it, since this is one of those issues that resolves itself. However, if you feel the need to actively do something about it, there are some simple methods you could follow. The first and most highly recommended remedial measure is that you put a few drops of breast milk in the baby's eyes. Make it a point to put it in both eyes, as this works better than just putting it in the affected eye. Breast milk is considered to be the safest and most hygienic remedy to use for such things.

You must also make it a point to clean out the sticky residues that will collect at the corner of the baby's eyes. Every time the baby wakes up, you will see this sticky goopy substance. Use plain tap water and a soft cloth or a cotton ball to clean it out. Remember to be very gentle. If you are using a cloth, make it a point to wash it after each use with hot water. Cotton should not be reused at all. The other thing you can so is to massage the bridge of the baby's nose gently. Use your thumb and forefinger to kind of pinch the bridge of the nose and run it down lightly over the entire bone. Apply some pressure to the area near the corner of the eye, towards the nose. Once again, if the baby cries, you must stop at once. This consistent application of pressure can help fluids move along the tear duct, and will eventually ease it open as well.

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