how can i mend stretched pores

Natural treatment on pores

There is no permanent way to repair stretched pores. With age, frequent stretching, and due to the pores being clogged with dead skin cells, the pores go limp and fill up with oil (sebum), which then oxidizes and turns dark, thus making  the pores more obvious. However, there are remedies to minimize the size and appearance of the pores by  keeping your skin free of oils and dead skin cells. You should wash off cosmetics such as make up and sunscreen every night. The application of chestnut extract also helps exfoliate the skin, and improves its texture. If at all you develop pimples in the same area, avoid popping or picking them. This only stretches the pore further and can also lead to scarring.

Pores can be effectively constricted by splashing one's entire face with freezing cold water. This brings the blood to the skin surface and helps tone the skin. Another effective treatment to close open pores is the application of tomato juice mixed with 2-3 drops of lemon juice for a period of about twenty minutes. The application of the juice or pulp of fruits that have an astringent quality (for example, pomegranates and oranges) can help in reducing open pores and also in making the texture of uneven skin smoother. You can also apply rose water or a mixture of witch-hazel and a small amount of water.

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