Home remedies to relieve abscess pain?

If you have an injury that is filled with pus and is causing you pain, then you should visit the doctor. Abscess requires cleaning and a doctor should be able to help you. An abscess means that you are probably suffering from inflammation and some amount of swelling too.

However, you have not mentioned where exactly your abscess is. If you have an abscess in your mouth then in the future you can prevent it by adhering to a strict oral hygiene regime. For a mouth abscess you can mix two pinches of carbonate in a spoonful of water. Use this as a mouthwash and clean out your mouth.

Application of onion juice is believed to be beneficial for this condition. Peel and grate one onion. Squeeze it to get the juice. Now apply this to the affected area. Never squeeze an abscess. Instead soak a soft cloth in some warm water and apply this to the affected area. You can repeat this two or three times. Remember to wash your hands and the cloth each time you use it. If you have to go out, then keeping the abscess covered is a good idea. This way your abscess will not pick up any external infections.

answered by G M

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