Home remedies for abscess in rectum

The first thing you need to check is whether you are consuming enough fibre in your diet. Since the problem is rectal, hard stools must be avoided at all costs, and this can only be done if your diet is high fibre and low carbohydrate. For a burst abscess, the best remedy is to apply aloe Vera gel directly to the affected area, which will instantly cool it and reduce the pain. You can also use refrigerated used tea bags which will provide cooling relief and also help drain out the abscess. Apply a thick paste of turmeric powder and clarified butter to the abscess to kill infection, if any. In order to keep the area dry, use corn starch - not any kind of talcum powder. If possible, try using a warm sitz bath with a pinch of boric powder to drain out the abscess. This will also provide relief from the pain. Alternatively, you can just sit in hot water to relieve pain. Try to sit on soft surfaces only. Sitting on a hard surface can aggravate this situation. You may have to buy a special soft pillow. To enable your body to fight infection better, take Echinacea pills on a regular basis. You can also make a decoction of 2 teaspoons of Echinacea root powder in one cup of water simmered for 15 minutes and drink this thrice a day.

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