Urine Odor Home Remedies: What If I Have A Foul Smelling Urine And Clear Discharge?

In order to diagnose most kinds of diseases, medical tests involving the examination of blood and urine is important. Diagnostic signs include observing certain characteristics such as the appearance, quantity and odor, which show the state and progress of any disorder. If the odor is causing you a great deal of unpleasantness and is also a sign for concern, it is possible that it could be the onset of a urinary tract infection.

Broadly speaking, all kinds of infections that take place in the urinary tract, and reveal presence of bacteria and pus in the urine, are known as urinary tract infections. This medical condition is most commonly seen among women and this is because the urethra in women in shorter than that of men, thus making women more vulnerable towards infections.

If your doctor has confirmed that you are suffering from a urinary tract infection, prescribed medications including antibiotics will help in relieving the symptoms and treat the infection. It is advisable not to ignore the symptoms even if you notice the symptoms go away on its own, as it is likely that the infection might be spreading to the kidneys. Also check for other signs such as sharp pain in the lower back that is also indicative of the kidneys being infected. A urinary tract infection can cause great damage to the kidneys and also lead to life-threatening difficulties in later stages; hence, great care must be taken to avoid the spread of this disease.

Another possibility could be an inflammation in the urethra, leading to an unnatural appearance of the urine. In most cases dehydration is also known to cause foul urine odor. The reason for the unpleasant odor is usually an indicator of the volume and the concentration of a variety of chemicals eliminated by the kidneys. Under normal circumstances, urine does not have a strong odor but in the case of dehydration, the urine can become highly concentrated in the absence of the required amount of water thus leading to a strong smell of ammonia. Bacterial infections of the kidneys or the gall bladder can also be attributed to foul smelling urine odor. Certain diseases such as uncontrolled diabetes or liver disease can also be detected through the urine odor.

Certain foods and medications can also impact the odor of the urine and such changes are usually temporary and not indicative of any kind of underlying medical disorder. It is important that you speak to your doctor or consult a urologist if you are seemingly concerned about your urine odor.

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Home Remedies for Urine odor

These are the beginning stages of signs of a urinary tract infection. For starters refrain from wearing any form of tight clothing as your primary clothes. Panty liners should be stayed away from, while all inner clothing must be worn that has been made from skin friendly fabric such as cotton. Drink plenty of water to ensure that the urine you pass stays clear, the strong odor will slowly clear off as you flush your body with more and more water. Drink not less than 12 glasses of water during the onset of an infection. Cranberry juice is also an effective remedy; however make sure that the juice you consume is not poured from a can or a pack. Use raw cranberries to make the juice or you can try with unsalted yogurt and blend it with a teaspoon of honey to prepare a delicious shake. Have raw cranberries at best as a fruit as often as you can during the day.

Also effective for an initial stage of UTI is a concoction of baking soda in water. Take half a teaspoon of baking soda and stir it in four liters of warm water. Keep sipping this water throughout the day. The baking can be very helpful on the first signs of urinary tract infection. The presence of baking soda in the water will help to increase the acidic levels of the urine.

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Urine in a healthy, non-dehydrated person is usually clear and free from odor. The most common cause of dark yellow urine, which has a strong smell, is dehydration. This can be easily rectified by consumption of one to two liters of pure, unflavored water everyday. If the smell persists you will need to consult a qualified medical practitioner because the reason could be a more serious underlying cause, which needs prompt medical attention.

If you are unsure about whether the odor is in fact due to the urine, collect some urine in a disposable cup and check for odor. If the urine is odor-free then you can conclude that the source of the smell is the vagina.

Clear vaginal discharge is not uncommon during certain periods of ovulation. If itching, an unpleasant odor, and other uncomfortable sensations accompany the discharge it is likely that you suffer from a yeast infection. This can be remedied by eating plain, unsweetened yogurt (if you are not lactose intolerant). The Acidophilus probiotic in yogurt fights the bacteria that causes the yeast infection. You could also try an external application of diluted tea tree oil to help fight the infection. Make sure the area is well cleaned and dry through the day and wear loose, comfortable clothing that allow the body to breathe.

Trichomoniasis or gardnerella are two other vaginal infections that can also cause the vagina to have a foul odor and both of these need medical attention and an actual physical examination.

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