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Under normal circumstances, urine should have absolutely no smell, as the composition of urine is nearly 95 per cent water; only in a case of dehydration would the molecules of the urea be more noticeable in the odor. Some odd conditions do cause changes in the smell of urine, for example, there is a condition where urine has a fish like odor due to the presence of certain amines in the urine. There is also an odd condition in which the urine could smell like Maple Syrup. In general, the odor of urine changes sharply with the changes in the diet, so someone having a lot of alcohol can expect their urine to have a slight alcohol fume to it. However, the specific symptom of a sweet smell in the urine is ominous and is an indication of diabetes.

Diabetes is an autoimmune disease of the human body. autoimmune diseases are diseases that occur because of the body's immune system attacking its own cells and rendering a function useless as is the case in diabetes. In diabetes, the killer T cells of the body attack the insulin producing cells of the pancreas; thereby, shutting down the production of insulin. When the production of insulin is affected, the body cannot control the amount of sugar in the blood and this sugar is even excreted in the urine. The liver then starts to produce ketone bodies as a response to the low insulin level, which the body is fooled into thinking that, it is because of a low intake of glucose. The production of ketone bodies then increases the acidic nature of the blood, because ketones are created from fatty acids and the adipose stores in the liver. At a certain pH level that indicates high acidity, the tissues of the body start to die and the breath of diabetes patient has a sweet, alcoholic smell that emergency room doctors immediately recognize as the symptom of diabetic ketoacidosis. This condition is potentially fatal if not treated on time.

The presence of sugar in the blood leads to its excretion into urine, which is due to the overloading of certain binding proteins in the kidneys that send back glucose into the blood in normal circumstances. Urine that usually contains glucose and sugars has a sweet, fruity smell. However it is an indication that you need to rush to the emergency room before ketoacidosis occurs and a possible coma.

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The concentration and volume of chemicals released in the urine is indicative of the kind of smell in the urine. Certain medications and foods also determine the color and odour of the urine. Sweet smelling urine is typical of uncontrolled diabetes. A foul smell indicates infection in the urinary tract. Change in the odour of urine represents a temporary problem or disorder.

Excretion of ketone bodies in the urine is responsible for the sweet smell of urine. Refer to your physician immediately for checking out the blood sugar levels. Spilling of sugar in the blood is the first symptom of excessive blood sugar. Are you losing weight? Keto acidosis results in loss of weight. Water retention, weight gain on eating and a bloated feeling are typical of presence of diabetes. Presence of dehydration is another contributing factor for sweet smelling urine. At times, fasting also results in a sweet smell in the urine.

Diagnostic tests are helpful in identifying the problem. Sweet smelling and tasting urine was a method to detect the presence of diabetes mellitus in olden times. Dip sticks are available commercially that aid in revealing the severity of the condition. Visit a diabetologist for further guidance and recommendations.

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